Here at BDCE we have a range of vertical and horizontal milling machines CNC, and conventional complete with DRO, and a wide range of attachments.


2 Off Wenlock V5/8 vertical milling machine one complete with 4th axis
  • Table size 1000mm x 500mm.
  • Table travel X800mm Y500mm Z500mm
  • 4th axis full contouring 6" chuck

Odessa universal milling machine

  • Table 800mm x 400mm.
  • Table travel X500mm Y450mm Z450mm

Matchmaker vertical Knee Type milling machine

  • Table size 1300mm x 350mm.
  • Table travel X700mm Y400mm Z150mm


Elgar universal milling machine

  • Table size 1100mm x 250mm.
  • Table travel X680mm Y350mm

Astra horizontal milling machine

  • Table 900mm x 200mm.
  • Table travel X400mm Y250mm

Milling 1 image

Milling 2 image

Milling 3 image