About Us

Craven Engineering was established in 1982 by Brian Craven, who was Newcastle Captain and England Speedway Racer in the 1960s. He was the brother of two times world champion, Peter Craven. The company was first situated on the Clayhill Industrial Estate in the small town of Neston. This was a modern development during this time, consisting of a number of small units.

The company initially consisted of Brian and his son Paul but gradually grew when a number of apprentices were employed. As the company expanded, it relocated to Rossmore Industrial Estate in Ellesmere Port in 1993. Two of the apprentices trained at Craven Engineering were Dave Barnes and Andy Davies. Both successfully completed their apprenticeships, under the guidance and support of Brian. Unfortunately, Brian sadly died in 1993 and the company was continued by Dave and Andy, changing it's name to BD Craven Engineering.

We are still based on the Rossmore Industrial Estate and early in 2009, we went limited and now operate under the name of BDC Engineering Services Limited. We are a very experienced and reliable company, with Dave and Andy having over 40 years experience between them alone. We have now successfully trained a number of our own apprentices.

We have a wide client base, providing services to a large number of both small and large businesses across the country.

Brian Craven
Brian Craven